09 October 2009

Blickling Hall

Blickling Hall is a fabulous place, which has long been associated with royalty. It once belonged to Harold Godsinson, the last Saxon King of England. Interestingly, a beautiful manor home once stood on the site, owned by Sir Nicholas Dagworth, 1401. The current structure is either a renovation, or a replacement. In 1616, Sir Henry Hobart, Lord Justice of the Common Pleas, purchased Blicking Hall from the Clere family. It lies north to south, the main entrance being on the south side. So many wonders and beautiful design lies within this house, that an entire book could easily be devoted to it.

Now how does Mary fit in this magnificent structure? The facts are actually debatable. It is impossible to determine whether Mary was born at Hever Castle, or at Blickling Hall, since her birth-date is indeterminate.

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