25 October 2009

An Excellent Education, Early Life

It seems that since their earliest childhoods fate would have these two sisters on paths quite separate and ironically familiar at different time points. That Mary and Anne would both, at different time periods, be mistresses to King Henry VIII is certainly remarkable in and of itself. Though Anne would demurely maintain, during the early part of her relationship with Henry, that she was only a commoner, there was actually little that could be called
common about her.

The Boleyn children enjoyed educations which were typical the time they lived, for high born children. For Mary and Anne, this would include reading and writing, sewing, and embroidery. The finer points of their schooling would include singing, dancing, learning to play instruments such as the virginal and lute. Even outdoor activities were included, and Mary and Anne learned to ride in the nearby parkland, and learned archery and hunting.

During the time that Mary lived, the educating of daughters was still a new concept, although it was a trend that was gaining acceptance. Interestingly, Mary and Anne's education also included study of the family history and origins.

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